Saturday, June 17, 2017

#FITZGERALD--Saga of the Seven Sailors--POETRY BY JC LANGELLE (C) 2017

As POTUS tweeted from his retreat at  Camp David
Wondering if the special prosecutor was going to hand him an affidavit
Over some menial Beltway investigation
And his supporters held their breath across the nation

Out on the high seas off the coast of Japan
The impossible had just somehow happened
A cargo ship from the Philippines
With a load of sushi and fake blue jeans

Approached  one of the US Navy's vessels
Armed to the teeth with cruise missiles
The cargo ship proceeded to collide
With a midship starboard broadside

With a gaping hole in poured the ocean
In the middle of all the commotion
The Fitz managed to get underway
As the Captain gave orders for anchors aweigh.

But upon doing a muster of the crew
All hands on deck and this means you
It turned up that a number of sailors were gone
And a search was called at the break of dawn.

The waters were scoured from the sea and the sky
As POTUS at Camp David could only wonder why
He tweeted he hoped they would soon be found
But everybody knew the seven had drowned.

A day went by and it soon went to two
Then what was feared suddenly came true
It was hard to imagine what their lives were worth
When they were found dead in a flooded berth.

So let the politicians in their pompous arena
Continue with their game of subpoena
Let them all have congressional hearings
That amount to nothing but television ratings.

Let them forget when it drops off the news
Who's minding the store and paying the dues
Let the rich wine and dine at the Ritz
The rest of us will remember who died on the Fitz.


Friday, June 9, 2017



(Mamasan's in the Ville)  --Be advised of the following now coming in over the Teletype--


Reports are sketchy but expect to have a followup in the immediate future--  Notify XO  Rodes, Lt Col--

and, see to it that Pvt JC is out of the messhall pot shack for this event....ROGER THAT--

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

DANGEROUS WOMAN--Poetry by JC Langelle--(C) 2017 LZ410 DANANG

You can tell it to the British,  tell it to the French
Tell the politicians sitting on a fence.
Something just happened, a foreboding omen
That goes by the name of Dangerous Woman

Somewhere out there on the tour
Behind the scenes, vague and obscure
Hidden in the meaning of the Tarot cards
Lost in the number of security guards

When Scotland Yard can't find a clue
As the Queen arrives in her best blue
In the dark at Trafalgar Square
Dangerous Woman recites a prayer.

It's midnight over at the Louvre
As the watchman serves an hors d'oerves
And blames Picasso for Cubism
With some melancholy euphuism.

Meantime General Charles De Gaulle
Dances at the military ball
When the shadow from the lunar gnomon
Points toward the Dangerous Woman.

As her plane takes off from Orly Field
The gendarmes keep their eyes peeled
While on the ground President Macron
Blows a kiss to Dangerous Woman.

Flying above a magnificent cloud
Over the rainbow and singing loud
No matter what the show must go on
For she's the Dangerous Woman.

(C) 2017 JC Langelle// LZ410 Danang  (First Draft)

#DWTPARIS--Delta Tango Whiskey--ROGER THAT--