Sunday, August 14, 2016

#USMC--The Commandant's Cellphone Contagion--WHAT'S A FOXHOLE ANYWAY..??


(DUONGSON2,THE VILLE) --  Too much time on his (her) hands, that's what the Marine has today. If he (she) has time to fidget with the phone, there is time for guard duty, fire watch, inspections, policing the compound, and everyone's favorite, mess duty. Or maybe all of them at the same time, like the good old days during the transition from the Old Corps to the New Corps.

Digging foxholes was the easiest part of field duty. Try going out on a ship on mess duty, chopping carrots fourteen hours a day, feeding the battalion on the ship, including all the sailors. Then load all the field stoves onto helicopters for a beach landing where the stoves are set up to feed the battalion at 0530 when it makes a beach assault. Find time to text home in the middle of that maneuver.

Out on Hill 55 in Dodge City territory south of Danang, one could get lucky and get radio jeep duty, set up a relay out to the operations on Go Noi Island. At night, patch in to DaNang radio station, listen to Back In The World music and watch the flares go up over the island all night.

Up north along the DMZ, there were no cellphones. But there were offloaded radio vans in Dong Ha. Spend all day filling sandbags around the van, out in 100 degree heat and by sundown, camp out inside, air conditioned, tune in Okinawa and a patch through to a Hawaii rock and roll radio station. Who needed a cell phone there?

Yes Sir, the General has left out some of the finer details of duty without a CELLPHONE.


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