Friday, July 22, 2016

BURY ME ON HILL 861--By Pvt JC Langelle, USMC--(c) 1968

Bury Me on Hill 861

Bury me on Hill 861, up near the town of Khe Sanh
Where the mortars are a blazin', some Hell we'll be raisin'
Shootin' NVA and Viet Cong.

Don't want to go back to the world, got a Dear John letter from my girl
Right now I'm feelin' partial 'bout goin' back to Camp Marshall
Sign me up for another whirl.

Up there on the DMZ, that's where they can bury me.
I'll take all my lumps away from stateside chumps back in the Land of the Free.

Bury me in the town of Fubai, mine is not to wonder, do or die.
I'll take with me some Commies, we'll all have weeping mommies,
Mine is not to wonder, Semper Fi.

When rockets will be fallin' on DaNang; in my heart, I know I'll feel a pang,
For girls who sent no letter, the ones who think they're better
And my telephone it never rang.

Bury me on Hill 861, put a cross on it when you're done.
And if it ain't no bother, send a letter to my mother
And tell her where you buried her son.

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